Who We Are

The T. Ernest Wilson Ministry was created and is supported by some of the family of T. Ernest Wilson who desire to see his ministry continue to bless future generations. The following have been instrumental in developing and maintaining this website:

Tom Wilson (NJ, USA)

Victor Wilson (Australia)

Raymond Wilson (Australia)

Terry Wilson (CA, USA)

John Wilson (CA, USA)

Graeme Wilson (NJ, USA)

David Wilson (Ireland)

David C. Wilson (GA, USA)

Brian Wilson (MI, USA)

Rob Wilson (WA, USA)

The T. Ernest Wilson Ministry Mission Statement

  To preserve, protect, and perpetuate the work of T. Ernest Wilson by:


         Cataloging and archiving his works


         Developing new publications based on his works


         Directing the sale and distribution of his published works


         Protecting copyrights to his works, while encouraging the licensing and translation of his works globally


    Increasing awareness of his works by making them available in digital formats on the foundation website and elsewhere.


To further the work of T. Ernest Wilson in Bible Exposition, Missionary Outreach and Spreading New Testament Truth by:


         Making T. Ernest Wilsonís published and archived works available for research, education and personal spiritual development. 


         Promoting the faithful study and exposition of the Scriptures.


         Implementing and/or supporting focused education programs in the areas listed above.


         Supporting and/or sponsoring events, either alone or with other like-minded organizations, designed to increase awareness of the importance of Bible Study, Missionary Outreach and New Testament Truth.


        Developing a foundation website as a repository for his works.


To help individuals grow spiritually by:


         Providing access to his materials via the internet


         Encouraging support and participation in local assembly outreach efforts as well as missionary conferences.


        Partnering with mission organizations to provide his works to missionaries and their workers